fredag 30 januari 2009

Digital Textbooks for free?

Free textbooks is the question. Open source is the answer.
Daniel sent me this cool news:

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måndag 5 januari 2009

Mixing Twitter and blogs together

One of the ideas behind BiblFeed is to mix microblogging feeds together with feeds from "ordinary" blogs. This seems to fit well into Mashable's predictions about blog design in 2009:

Tweets move out of the sidebar: More bloggers will mix blog posts and tweets into a single column together a la Tumblr, rather than keeping them in the sidebar. More new themes will have a built-in style for displaying tweets in an elegant way amongst blog posts. Wordpress users will find the Twitter tools plugin useful.

Read more about the Twitter effect in 2009: 10 Ways Twitter Will Change Blog Design in 2009:

söndag 4 januari 2009

Loosing friends, and finding new ones

While everybody else has been busy updating their blogs before, during and after the holidays, writing summaries of 2008 and wishing for the 2009, I have completely neglected this blog. Sorry, shame on me. Not updating regulary is of course one of the cardinal sins when it comes to reader maintanence. No updating, no readers, just that simple. And, yes, as a result stats are all but impressive right now ;-)

What is it then that has refrained me from blogging? One important reason is of course BiblFeed, a new Ning community which I launched recently together with some cool friends from the Swedish (digital) library world. It has been quite a success I must say, very inspiring to see lots of new members signing up - we are now more than 180 members, wow! :-).

What is Bibl Feed then? Well, put in short: the purpose of BiblFeed is to collect and present - in a simple and funny way - the digital lifestream of the Swedish library world. Anything worth feeding, closely or remotely related to library activities, qualify for the feed: library websites and blogs, librarian's updates on media or bookmark sharing sites like Flickr, YouTube and Delicious etc. and updates coming in from microblogging tools like Twitter and Jaiku. This way one gets the opportunity to get a rather comprehensive overview, a snapshot, of what is going on right now in first of all the Swedish digital bibliosphere but also in the nordic countries and in the english speaking library world. Please don't hesitate to join, whoever you are and wherever you come from! :-)

Thanks to Kontoret på nätet I found the embedding tool As a result, below you can see what BiblFeed looks like, embedded. If you want the real thing, go to

Praying that the horrible events that inaugurated this new year will end as soon as possible, I wish you all peace, love and understanding all along the whole year - and after that. (yes, this hippie slogan is still very, very, useful! :-)