torsdag 25 juni 2009

Is the future library really a library at all?

In the shift from information society to the digital network society distance is getting irrelevant. Everything is here. Wherever you are. But all don't have access. Is the public library the facilitator that can bridge that digital divide? And WHERE is the library of the future? Is it really a library at all? Or an open information bar, a theatre of knowledge?

Guy Adam Ailion made the animation. Here you can read more about him and here you can follow his blog.

fredag 19 juni 2009

Bridging the knowledge gap

Maybe it's not THAT necessary to be able to distinguish a browser from a search engine but maybe the fact that no more than 8% of the inquired in New York actually new what a browser was reveals our society´s urgent need for trained and user oriented information and communication specialists bridging the digital/knowledge gaps in society? If people in general are not really aware of what they are doing when they are using ICT, someone should be even more aware. Someone able to explain pedagogically and un-biased the who, why, when, and where of ICT. A librarian?

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torsdag 18 juni 2009

Use your Twitter avatar to support iranian democracy

Show support for the people who fight for democracy at Iran, and change your Twitter avatar to have green overlay (the official color of the movement).

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tisdag 16 juni 2009


Cool presentation of an interesting book on learning by Charles Leadbeate which was highlighted by Chris Batt at the Next Library unConference in Aarhus

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lördag 6 juni 2009


Nån som minns "99 sätt att dumpa en blogg"?

Jag hade själv nästan helt glömt bort den. Tills idag då jag läste att Marcus Birro slutat blogga. Så det blev det nionde inlägget.

Nu är det 90 sista inlägg kvar innan bloggen kanske kan bli en pdf, ISSUU eller kanske rentav en blok, vad vet jag?

Sett en dumpad blogg nånstans? Hör av dig. Vore kul att öka tempot lite. Annars kanske "99 sätt..." förpassas till bloggkyrkogården och därmed själv platsar i, just det, "99 sätt...". Som då inte längre finns..... eh....eller nåt.