lördag 1 maj 2010

Blog vacation

Not much has been happening here for the last few months. A cardinal sin for a blogger, I know ;-) but I have been so busy with other things, well you know the story.... and I honestly don't know if there still are valid reasons for keeping this blog up and running. There are so many other channels. Blogging isn't forever, right? The web is constantly changing and so are we, right?

Several times I have thought of dumping Bibl.se but still I can't make up my mind. So I have decided to take this blog for a longer vacation (well it sort of started already some months ago, didn't it?) and come back later this year (autumn, perhaps?) and ask that same question again - are there still valid reasons for keeping it? - and see what that leads to.

So, until then, have an awesome summer! :-)