tisdag 3 mars 2009

Blue Metro Line, Monday 8:46 am

I remember when I first saw the news about the death of Olof Palme, I can re-vision it just as if it was yesterday: morning rush, a newspaper headline at Skanstull metro station.... "Olof Palme assassinated"

Yesterday morning: a very special phone call that will be recorded in my memory forever and ever: morning rush, blue metro line, making my way to Kista:

"You have been granted this years Bengt Hjelmqvist Prize".

"Qué? Are you joking?"

Awesome, that's the correct word. Filled with awe. That's as close as it comes to describe my feelings. Awe, in the sense of being overwhelmed and excited, but also somehow frightened. A bit like growing up. Since yesterday I'm an adult in a new, happy... and awesome way...

And this is my first encounter with one of the most respected and trusted of all Swedish librarians: Bengt Hjelmqvist. Who was he? What were his challenges? I have to find out...

And I'm so very grateful for all the warm comments and greetings from collegues and friends.

I wrote it today and I repeat it: You are the greatest!

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