torsdagen den 23:e april 2009

Just when we thought Second life was dying...

...we see more and more proofs of it's potential as a learning environment. In this video we are shown an interesting example of it's use as a platform for religious dialogue. The inclusive vibrant atmosphere of Al-Andalus coming alive again... wow!

onsdagen den 22:e april 2009

Trying out Blogger mobile blogging app för iPhone

User friendly tool for geo postings
, but why no photo posting like in Brightkite?

Mobile Blogging from here.

lördagen den 11:e april 2009

Just added to Twitterfeed...

... which means that all postings here on automatically will be tweeted too. Only the blogpost titles will show up though (together with a shortended URL). This is convenient since the tweets would be unbearable long otherwise...

fredagen den 10:e april 2009

tisdagen den 7:e april 2009

Presentation Challenge Part 3 #kistaideacity

Took my rescue today to wonderful Edenborg, the best place for digital nomading. A lot of new ideas and input, still a bit confused though concerning the "thread"...hope things will become clearer after lunch... Yep, doing the Powerpoint thing, shame on me, but it's only preliminary ;-) Next step is to go ISSUU!

fredagen den 3:e april 2009

Presentation Challenge Part 2 #kistaideacity

No, that's right, I confess, I did not manage to stick 100% to iPhone for my presentation preparations... gathered some thoughts in iPhone Notes on the fly and then moved them to Google Docs. Think I will stick to that one. That way I will be able to read and edit both ways, on PC and iPhone.... ;-)

(Just saw that one CAN sync Notes with PC but you need a jailbreaked iPhone, which is not what I have...)

So, let's re-write the challenge: now it's sort of a flexible challenge instead of a hard core fundamentalistic iPhone one :-))

Still wondering how I will present the final results... would love to use Apple's Keynote but, well, "library world is PC world". Unfortunately. :-( Another alternative is Prezi, which is a really really nice way of giving life to a presentation. But I still don't really get a grip on how it works, a bit confusing, and I don't have time to dive deep into Prezi ocean...

What about good old PowerPoint then? Well...! I just say no! :-)

After checking out some different Flash alternatives I suddenly remembered...yeah, Linnéa used ISSUU for a presentation once and that was really neat! Let's try that one!

OMG it's late Friday night, time for some dinner and a beer! :-)

To be continued...

#kistaideacity @piratförlaget