tisdag 4 november 2008

Give the digital conversations some AIR!

Aaaahhhh.... Adobe AIR is like a smooth Mac-ish layer on top of a dull PC environment. Installed it the other day and must say I'm pleased. AIR based TweedDeck gives new life to Twitter and Readair spices up Google Reader. Both really worth trying!

Another thing worth doing is adding that magazine reading feeling to RSS. I recently re-discovered how pleasant and more enjoyable it is to read blog feeds when you actually can see the content, not just the headlines, and also embedded photos and videos. And it's just a mouse-click away: share your Google Reader feed online (published folders) and you'll get a much more attractive reading interface compared to reading inside Google Reader.

This is what my favourite Google Reader feed looks like when published: Biblioteksbloggar ("Library Blogs", which in my case means all kinds of blogs that are relevant to library folks, at least to me ;-)

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