onsdag 26 november 2008

SFIS Liveblogging Countdown...

Tomorrow 27 November is the first day of the SFIS Business or Pleasure conference here in Stockholm. Hope to see your live comments here! :-)
All presentations will be in Swedish but I will try to cover some of them in English.


The presentations that I'm going to cover:

Thursday 27 November

Keynote Speaker 1: Morris Packer, Mobile Services, Bonnier Group:
"Transparency as a work tool - how a small bunch with total transparency as a tool can change the whole media trade."

Sofia Mirjamsdotter, debate editor at Sundsvall Tidning:
"How the media can take advantage of social media."

Dick Stenmark, associate professor of informatics at Göteborg University. "How do you search? - User behavior with and without search engine."

Lennart Guldbrand Sson, chairman Wikimedia Sweden:
"How Wikipedia works."

Friday 28 November

Introduction and distribution of Swets Fellowship

Keynote speaker 2: Isto Huvila, Researcher at the Information Administration, Turku Academy, "The Information specialist and the 2.0 Generation"

Viveca Nystrom, Consultant VN Archives & Library, "Library + Business = 3 hits in Libris."

Peter Almerud, freelancer and editor of the newsletter Info Brief and the magazine Info Trends, "Info Brief - news and trends in the information industry."

Speed Sliding with Ake Nygren, Lars Iselid, Erik Stattin and Jonas Mosskin.

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