söndag 16 november 2008

Testing Windows Live Writer

I know, it IS a Microsoft product, and one should know better by now. I know. But on ProBlogger.net the Windows Live Writer is mentioned as an Essential PC Apps for Bloggers. And since this actually is an open tool for a change (you can use it with WP, Blogger etc... not just Microsoft products) I thought well let's try it out!

What is Windows Live Writer? It's an editing tool that supposedly boosts your blogging experience, helping you publish your content in a smoother and nicer way. I'm writing this inside Writer and after I've finished the editing it will all be published to Blogger, my preferred blogging tool at the moment.

This is what it looks like inside, while editing in Live Writer:


The "insert photo" feature was better than in Blogger, nice!

There's one feature called Insert Map where you can zoom to and save a location and finally insert it in your blogpost. I tried this twice but the only result was this:

. Just a link, not an embedded customized map as I had hoped.  Maybe it shows up after publishing the blogpost?

That's all for now, now I'll press the Publish button and see what happens!

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