onsdag 12 november 2008

Will be liveblogging from NordLib 2.0

NordLib 2.0 next Friday is going to be a really interesting event: it's one of the first real efforts in the Swedish library world to actually try out different Web 2.o tools in a conference context. Not just talking, but also learning by doing! :-) The conference is (of course) on Facebook, the event will be streamed live and on the conference blog there is already some interesting comments worth responding to - in brief, the conference team seems to be very focused on making this into an extraordinary learning experience!

Please join the conversation - first of all on the conference blog - but also, if you like, here on Bibl.se! Just like the conference organizers (and other bloggers?) I will also be liveblogging from the event, making use of the cool tool Coveritlive. Just saw, by the way, that it now also has Twitter integration... can't wait to try it out!

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